Plastic packaging is becoming more and more upscale
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Plastic packaging is becoming more and more upscale
In the background of the national supply side reform policy, the domestic equipment manufacturing and the material technology and technology level are progressing continuously. Many industries have ushered in industrial upgrading, and the plastic packaging industry is no exception. The latest data show that product upgrading has put forward higher requirements for packaging, and some plastic packaging manufacturers begin to purchase precision. The new equipment can greatly improve the competitiveness of the products of these manufacturers, and the new equipment will greatly improve the competitiveness of these manufacturers. In the interview in Shenzhen Golden Digital plastics plant, I learned that, like only the packaging technology standard used by the apple mobile phone, now OP The domestic mainstream brand products such as PO and HUAWEI have also begun to adopt. The new technical standards cause the suppliers to upgrade their own equipment, materials and processes, and push the packaging suppliers to upgrade their technology. The Golden Digital plastics plant has introduced the most advanced fully automatic air compressor in China in order to serve the large customers such as OPPO. Molding cutting and stacking packaging machine, compared with the traditional plastic equipment, it can greatly improve the precision of molding, the molding speed is more than 6 times the traditional equipment, such equipment in food packaging and other such as drug packaging, also can bring a substantial product quality improvement, of course new equipment for molds and manipulation techniques With higher requirements, the mould technology and control technology of blister packaging manufacturers should be promoted accordingly.
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